Want To Step Into The World Of Gaming & Gambling With Poker?… Here Is How You Should Get Started!

Want To Step Into The World Of Gaming & Gambling With Poker?… Here Is How You Should Get Started!

Stepping into a gaming world and gambling can be a thrilling yet a bit complex experience for a beginner, but the proper knowledge of basics could help you have a better start. One of the most common games which people usually wish to try out is poker. So, if you are also the one who would want to step into this gaming world with poker, here is a guide of basics for you that could help.

There are many types of poker games that come with their own rules and strategies to play it well and ultimately win it. We will be focusing on the most popular of them all, that is, the No-Limit Texas Hold’em.

Want to step into the world of gaming & gambling with poker?... Here is how you should get started!


Table setup

The number of players who can play this game at one table usually ranges from 6 to 10. This table has many symbols, which are explained further.


The number mentioned next to the player is that of the chips he/she has.


The chips in the pot refer to the ones won by the player from a current hand.


The ‘D’, written on a table in a circle, indicates who is currently the dealer in the game. Though not needed in online poker, it is still there. This dealer changes with each hand in a clockwise manner.

Small Hand

On the left of the dealer, the player is a small hand who will have to contribute a certain amount of chips before the beginning of that particular hand.

Big Blind

The player on the left of the small blind is the big blind, who usually has to contribute double the amount of chips the small blind has already contributed.

The hand begins

In the beginning, you will have to deal with two cards face down. With these first hand or hold cards, as it is called, there will be four rounds where each player will take a turn and make the decisions in a clockwise manner. The name of these rounds is Pre-Flop, The Flop, The Turn and The River respectively. You ultimately need to have the best five cards Hand out of the seven cards at the end to win it.

Five-card hand ranking from worst to best that could make you win

High Card

It will be the highest card with Ace, where none of the better cards stated below is shown.


It is when you get the two matching cards any three other random cards.

Two pairs

It is when you get two matching pairs and any other fifth card.

Three of a kind

It is when you get three matching cards and two unmatched cards.


It is when you get five cards arranged in a sequence, no matter what the suit is.


It is when all five cards belong to the same suit.

Full house

You get two-three matching cards along with other matching pair.

Four of a kind

In this, you get four matching cards.

Straight Flush

It is when you get five cards of the same suit arranged in a sequence.

Royal Flush

It is the highest possible straight flush game could have had considering the cards.