Question One
· Why does Transit New Zealand favour the proposed Driven Tunnel Option through Mt Albert, even though it comprehensively fails to address the amenity, mobility and efficiency requirements of the general motoring public, who will actually pay for the project, and who will make most use of it?

Question Two
· Why has Transit New Zealand not even considered the option of an at-grade motorway through Mt Albert, similar to that now being built through Mt Roskill, which would cost only a fraction of the Driven Tunnel Option?

Question Three
· Why does Transit New Zealand favour a Driven Tunnel Option which cannot readily adapt to future growth in demand by adding lanes, by adding future connections, and which closes off the option of a second harbour bridge joining Pt Chevalier to the North Shore?

Question Four
· Why, for such a critical link in the road network, does Transit New Zealand favour a Driven Tunnel Option which is highly vulnerable to future natural disasters,(such as earthquake, volcanos and tsunami) and is also prone to frequent closure because of accidents or breakdowns, which are likely to cause injury and death?

Question Five
· Why has Transit abandoned the at-grade solution, which was their preferred option up until 2000?”